Highlights in Hyeres

So I had my first vacation with my host family. We all headed down to the south of France for the April holidays. France actually realizes that people need breaks and French people have vacation every couple of months (take note, America!)

Hyeres is a small beach town that is in the south of France and not super well known. I was here for a whole week, and a lot of it included watching and helping out with my little pals, so I am just going to note the highlights of my time in Hyeres. Note that I did most of this with little kids if you’re going with children!



Our first beach of the trip…. it wasn’t my favorite by far. There was by far more rocks than sand but the different shades of blue in the Mediterranean were stunning. We also happened to be there for some sort of windsurfing contest ( I don’t really know what there is to compete with but okay?) It was fun to see though! This beach is definitely more for the fun water sports as opposed to the relaxing.




For sure my favorite part of the trip. From Hyeres, you can take a 20 minute ferry to the island of Porquerolles. This charming island is complete with adorable buildings, many ice cream shops, and stunning white sand beaches. I would have loved to stay longer but the wind was not our friend.



My first white sand beach ever, and I was in love
Don’t let the fact that I am in the water fool you, I was FREEZING!


Obviously you can find Go karting anywhere, but it was such an American thing it was fun to do something that reminded me of home. There was more than just go karting to do with things to please all ages. It was a nice little “adventurous” break from the windy beaches!



My host parents were really good at giving me some time to myself and with that time, I found a little beach not far from our air bnb. Being the horrible blogger that I am, I didn’t catch the name but it was such a hidden gem. I went there every day during my alone time. There was hardly anybody (and sometimes nobody) there so it was the perfect place for me to read, relax, think, and exercise!





Hyeres was honestly instagram GOALS! I am so thankful that my host parents let me tag along because it was such a delightful and beautiful town. With the white sand beaches, crystal clear water, and lack of tourists, I found it hard to leave at the end of the week. I wholeheartedly recommend a getaway to Hyeres for a south of France trip due to how unknown it is, you will have some places practically to yourself!






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