Dancing on the Streets of Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona blog post

Call me obsessed with Ed Sheeran, but his CD only came out last month and I’ve already been to 2 of the places he has songs about…. this may have been our inspiration to choose Barcelona for our destination for a long weekend. With beautiful weather, awesome beach, and relaxing atmosphere, I can see why Ed felt a need to write a song about this amazing city.

DAY 1:

Aubrey and I hadn’t been to church in awhile, so we decided to start our trip by seeing what the Mormons of Spain were up to.

church with aubrey

After church we met up with a friend of mine from high school for lunch, Indra. She showed us around the Plaza Catalunya. There were a lot of shops, restaurants, and all things touristy.



After we parted ways with Indra ( that lucky duck was actually going to Ed’s concert), we made our way to the pier. It was pretty by the ocean and all, but kind of disappointing because I was expecting a lot of fun shops to look through, but still is something you should go check out.

DSCN4994 DSCN4996

Due to an unfortunate circumstance of Aubrey not having sun screen and being super white, we could only spend about an hour at the beach to avoid her being baked alive. We went to the Barceloneta beach and the water was a beautiful blue with a view of the Barcelona skyline. We did have a fun “topless beach” surprise! We were so relaxed and it was almost impossible to leave after only an hour.





The Sagrada Familia is one of the worlds most famous churches and architectural marvels. When Aubrey and I got off at the metro stop, our jaws dropped at the size of this building. It was one of THE most impressive buildings I have ever seen. I felt so tiny standing next to it. Due to being the poor gals we are, we didn’t pay to go in but it was still completely impressive from the outside.



sagrada familia.jpg

To continue with our broke and cheapskate ways we followed our trip the the Sagrada Famila and dollar ice cream cones from McDonalds with a trip to Park Guell for their free hour. Normally you have to pay to get in, but the park is free at 8:30. It was really cool to see because it had some awesome architecture and amazing views of the city, but I definitely would not have paid to get in.


parc guell

DAY 2 

We started our day off at the Arc de triomf. It is based off of the arc from Paris and since Aubrey and I live in Paris, we thought it would be fun to compare. It was really cool because it definitely had it’s own style with its gothic architecture.


We actually made a planned itinerary for once in our lives and today we learned why we don’t do planned itineraries. We did NOTHING according to schedule. We were supposed to do a free walking tour of Barcelona but we couldn’t find the meeting spot and we decided that we were lazy and got ice cream instead. We went and explored the Gothic quarter and the Barcelona cathedral. This trip has made me learn how much I love Gothic style buildings, they’re unique and beautiful. We actually went on the inside of this because it was free to take a look. Make you you have something to cover up with (ladies AND gents) as you will not be allowed in if you are showing too much skin!

The lighting was absolutely awful this time of day


gothic quarter.jpg

For lunch, Aubrey has not had the joy of paella yet so we went on the search for a paella restaurant (not hard in Spain). We stumbled upon La Cala ( Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 2, 08003 Barcelona, Spain). We decided to split a vegetarian paella dish. Complete with rice, asparagus, mushrooms, peas, carrots, and zucchini. It was an incredibly delicious and filling to me. The flavors were incredible and we only paid 11 euros for this giant dish to share.


With sunscreen in tow, we could finally make our way back to the beach and actually spend some time there. We spent a couple of relaxing hours there and decided to leave when a weird guy started throwing sand at us.


happy at the beach


We were pretty tired in the evening so we walked around an amazing market, La  Boqueria. There was endless amounts of food at an incredibly cheap price. We found fresh fruit juices for only one euro!! I love fresh juice but at most places it is like 5 bucks so we HAD to take advantage. Of course, I had to get the pretty drink so I sprung for the dragon fruit guava drink and OH MY GOSH… it was so tasty and fresh. I still cannot believe it was only a euro.


Aubrey also has not have the pleasure of eating churros con chocolate. After a LOT of searching (apparently churros aren’t as big here as they are in Madrid) We found a little restaurant which name I forgot (it’s not worth it anyways) The churros were good of course but it was more expensive and not as good as San Gines in Madrid.


With greasy churros in our stomachs, we wanted more fruit juice so we made our way back to the market and got fresh coconuts for 1 euro 50! It was a lot of fun!

bebida de coco.jpg

bebida de coco con Aubrey.jpg

I really enjoyed my time in Madrid, but if I had to pick a favorite place between the two, I would say Barcelona takes the cake. I am in LOVE with this city, the buildings, the weather, and the beach!


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