Exploring the Canals Saint Martin

There is so much to Paris, so many nooks and crannies that need to be explored. Before I moved to Paris I promised myself I would explore more than just the popular tourist areas. I thought it might be fun to walk around the canals…..

The canals were the most unexciting place I’ve seen since I’ve been to Paris. It was in a pretty run down area and while the bridges along were really cute, it was not enough to make the journey to the canals worth it. I obviously had to snap a couple pictures to document how unexciting it was.





The real star of this excursion was a trip to the “best cafe in Paris”  Du Pain et des Idées ( 34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris)   I got a chocolate pistachio escargot (not an actual snail, just a pastry shaped like on) It was incredibly flaky and the chocolate and pistachio mixed together wonderfully. I can see why some call it the best cafe in Paris. For me, it made the disappointing trip to the canals worth it. It was actually nice to eat by the canals.


All in all, I would not recommend the canals, not that I hated them, it was just completely unexciting. I would however recommend the cafe if an amazing pastry is enough to convince you to go somewhere.

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