Printemps en Paris

Whoever talks to me personally knows that I was NOT a fan of a Parisian winter. It was either cold, rainy, or cold AND rainy. This made me forced to go to museums all of the time (not hating on Paris museums, it was just A LOT). Now that spring is here and the weather is nicer, my friends and I were excited to have a weekend exploring more of the outdoor parts of Paris.

Obviously, I start or end everything with food. As an American, I was really missing donuts so we went to go grab some. We discovered Boneshaker donuts ( 77 Rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris ) They make different fresh donuts every day. It was kind of pricey for 3 or 4 euros a donut but they were big and worth it. I got the salted caramel flavor and it was incredibly tasty. I would totally pay 4 euros for one again.


We didn’t really do anything specific for the rest of the day. We just walked around Paris and enjoyed the weather, clear skies, and all of the beautiful and colorful blooming flowers.






The following day we did what probably every other person Paris was doing at the same time, had a picnic. Your typical french picnic includes a fresh, crispy baguette from the boulangerie and a creamy wedge of Camembert cheese (it also includes wine but we went without that) We sat in the Buttes Chaumont  (any Friends fan know that Monica and Chandler have a poster of this behind their TV). This park is a man made marvel with a big “mountain” in the middle that you can climb to look over the city. It is definitely my favorite park in Paris so far.

The park was so crowded, I could not get a picture without people!



As a Kansan, this is a mountain
I don’t understand

I REALLY hope that the good weather keeps up because my body is meant to be outside. I can already tell saying goodbye to this magical city is going to be a struggle.

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