Museum National Histoire Naturelle


Finally….springtime has made its way to Paris. My friends and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go outside… visit Pere Lachaise perhaps? Well the potential chance of rain ruined those plans so we thought “Oh man, I guess we have to go to yet ANOTHER museum.” Well, we decided to do something different and not go to an art museum *GASP!!*. We made our way to the Museum National Histoire Natural ( National history museum)


To make our way to the museum, we had to walk through the Jardin des plantes. Thank goodness it didn’t actually rain because I adored this garden. There were so many different kinds of plants and I LOVE plants! I definitely plan on going back and exploring more when more things have bloomed.


I wish I could tell you what was happening

Admission to the museum for students was free so we just grabbed our tickets and made our way into the museum. Walking in I was so excited to see how COOL this museum was. There were animals (stuffed dead ones, unfortunately) and a multicolored changing ceiling! As a huge animal lover, I was so excited to start looking around. It’s basically a museum full of animals and bones. It was really interesting to look around.




Squad goals



A good place to eat near this museum if you’re looking for something cheap is Jardin Burger ( Rue Linne 75005). For 6.90 euros I devoured a giant vegetarian burger made with a potato patty. It was a glorious mixture of potato, pesto, and other veggies with a good hunk of mozzarella on top.  The burger was quite filling by itself but for their normal burger with fries was the same price as the veggie burger by itself (it was like 10 euros to get the veggie burger in a meal!)


I’ve said many a time that museums cannot hold my attention for long, but I could have stayed in this one for hours! It has been my favorite museum in Paris so far. Here is to hoping that I don’t get burned at the stake for that opinion!


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