Making our way through Berlin, Germany

Making our way through Berlin blog post

Germany… I seem to keep making my way back to this country. Maybe its the friendly people, the huge amount of history…. or maybe because it’s the fact that we found the cheapest flight back to Paris from Berlin. I’ve heard so many good things about Berlin so we decided to spend 2 days there before we called our amazing trip to an end.

We arrived to Berlin from our night train around noon and made our way to our hostel. After a couple hours of relaxing and settling in, we decided we needed to go eat and enjoy the GORGEOUS weather. The three of us really missed Mexican food given the fact that Paris doesn’t really have great Mexican. Tatiana discovered a restaurant called Delores. I got a vegetarian burrito bowl with lettuce, beans, corn, salsa, and guacamole. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It was 100% the best Mexican food I have had since I have been here in Europe. It was incredibly filling and less than 6 euros. I didn’t know they included chips with the bowl so I ordered my own side of chips. ALL INCREDIBLE!


DSCN4520.JPGAs the day was over halfway over and we heard that Berlin could be kind of sketchy at night, so we hit up the East side gallery of the Berlin wall. It was a very long stretch of what was left of the Berlin wall, with murals painted on it. It was so cool to see and incredibly nice to walk around and take pictures.

The most famous part of the Berlin Wall



We started our second day in Berlin by heading to the Holocaust memorial for the Jews. I couldn’t really tell what the symbolism behind the different size blocks but it was a beautiful  memorial.



Under the memorial was a little museum that was free and it was such a moving experience. The two rooms that really gave me the feels was the room with the diary entries, letters, and postcards from the different victims of the Holocaust as well as the room where it goes through every name of the Holocaust and told a little bio about them. I LOVED this because it shows that they are people and not just “victims”. I personally felt more emotional here than I did at Auschwitz.




Since we had a short time in Berlin, we signed up for a free walking tour. I recommend doing this in whatever city you go to because it’s a great way to see the city and learn the history. I learned so freaking much and I really got to enjoy the beautiful weather that Berlin provided.

Berliner Dome


Albert Einstein went here!



The site of the nazi book burning



Standing above Hitler’s bunker where he killed himself
Brandenburg Gate


The hotel where Michael Jackson held Blanket out of the window

We ended our trip walking around the modern part of Berlin and eating pizza at Vapiano.

I absolutely adored Berlin. I really REALLY wish I could have had more time. There was SO much history. It was also so modern compared to other cities in Europe and really made me feel like I was back in America again. Until next time, Berlin!!

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