Adventuring through Prague


For those of you who have been following through my posts these past couple of weeks (shout out) you will have known that I recently completed a one week, 6 destination trip. I know it was quite ambitious, but we wanted to see more places. Prague was our third destination on this trip and I really would have loved more time, this city was a dream.

So, Aubrey, Constance and I took a bus from Munich to Prague and it was four and a half hours. After my 8 hour bus trip to Frankfurt in December, this seemed like nothing. After we checked into our hostel/ air bnb hybrid (hard to explain) we decided that after a long couple of days that we wanted to take it easy today. After our friend Rachel arrived, we set out for lunch. To our surprise, PRAGUE IS SO CHEAP GOD BLESS. We found a place called Cafe Trinity on the main shopping street of Prague. We decided to all try the Czech traditional dish, bramborove noky s uzenym a zelim ( or potato dumplings) It came with chopped up ham and cabbage. It was only 229 ( about 8 euros) and extremely filling.


The real star of our trip was our dessert, trdlnik. It is a type of dough that is rolled around a metal rod and cooked over hot coals. After cooked, it is rolled around in cinnamon sugar and HOLY MOLY, it is absolutely delicious. We had it multiple times while in Prague.



After lunch and the dessert that changed our life, we made our way to the communist museum. It was cool to look through, but it really only taught about communism in the Czech Republic which wasn’t too fascinating for me.




Like I said, today we kept it quite simple, so we ended our short day by a visit to the most exciting toy store, Hamley’s. We’re 5 years old, but it’s fine.


Day 2 started with some wandering around town until we found our way to the main square (and of course, more trdlnik) The old town square was absolutely adorable.



Astronomical Clock

In keeping with my “Always go get at least one good view” mantra, we made our way to The Old Town Hall Tower. For only 80 kc (or 2.96 euros) you could go to the top of the tower for a beautiful view of Prague. I loved all of the red roofs and the view of the castle and river in the distance.



I hate them

Since we had somewhat of a limited time, we decided to just walk around, explore and see what we could see. But not before a lunch stop at Bohemia Bagel. It’s not exactly your traditional Czech food, but it was delicious, filling, and tasted like home. I got the vegetarian bagel which came on a whole wheat bun with tomatoes, cheese, and pesto with a side of potatoes. On the plus, it was super cheap!


Charles Bridge



John Lennon Wall
When you realize you’re standing next to a sign that says Acid bombs


Prague Castle







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