Frankfurt, Germany


Germany, one of the best known countries to spend Christmas holidays in. Full of Christmas markets, lights, and pure Christmas joy it should be a dream. So it seemed natural that I spend a few days of my Christmas holidays in Germany, right?

Well I ended up going to Frankfurt. Why Frankfurt, Kalene? Why not one of the great and known cities like Berlin or Munich? Well Frankfurt was the city of choice because my friend, Anik, lives in a village a couple of hours from Frankfurt and it was decided that I would go to Frankfurt from Paris and she would meet me there from her village (she was home from Paris for the holidays) Long story short, she was not able to make it thanks to the dumb trains so it turned into a solo trip. It was okay though because I don’t mind going solo.


I decided to go with the cheap and long option of taking the bus because I love saving a buck. I used Flixbus and got a round trip ticket from Paris to Frankfurt for only 69 euros! You have to REALLY love saving money because it was an 8 hour bus ride but I had somewhat of a wifi connection and a power outlet. Mainly I read through ALL of Fantastic beasts and where to find them. 


The place I stayed is literally just called Frankfurt hostel. For 2 nights, it was only 35 euros! What I didn’t like was the fact that wifi was only available in the lounge( I know, first world problems right). There was free breakfast and dinner so it was a great hostel to go to since I really wanted to save money. I didn’t take part in any of the free dinners but the free breakfast was really good with meats, yogurts, cereals, and fresh baked rolls.




After arriving at my hostel, which was conveniently across the street from the bus/train station I arrived at, I dropped my bag off in the locker room, ate some breakfast, and headed to the metro. Normally I like to walk when I travel but it was raining and freezing and I wasn’t having it. I only spent 7 euros on my ticket but I was so mad because they didn’t even check it.

Per recommendation from Pinterest, I went to go explore the little area of Hochst(imagine two little dots above the O, I don’t know how to type in German) As soon as I got off at the train station, I knew this was a mistake. It was eerily quiet and all I could hear was a crow “caw cawing” and I thought it was the big day, my last day. Everything was run down and there were a couple cool things to see but not enough to make it worth it. It was also freezing so that did not help the situation either. Actually, a day later a friend of mine told me that Hochst was the worst part of Frankfurt,whoops.




After about an hour of walking around and freezing my patootie off I was so over it so I went and picked up a pretzel / pastry thing at Altinok backerei and cafe. It was buttery, soft, and delicious, the only good thing about Hochst.


After about 4 hours of being lame and doing nothing, I decided I was on a trip so I needed to do SOMETHING! I made my way to the Kaiserdom which is a huge cathedral in the middle of the town. It was absolutely beautiful inside and outside. I didn’t bother taking pictures of the inside, cameras never do them justice. Along with the big chapel, there was a room filled with ancient relics and stuff so it was really cool. It was also nice to do something inside.



I made my way out of the cathedral to do a little bit of shopping on Ziel street. This is honestly my favorite shopping street that I have been to thus far. It was clean, bright, and had some great stores! I stayed for a couple of hours and it was honestly the first time on the trip that I honestly enjoyed myself!

Shout out to the Dunkin donuts


For dinner I helped myself to a delicious dinner of currywurst. There was a little outdoor stand called The best worcht in town. For less than five euros, I got a big filling helping of currywurst in the “honey lovin” flavor. It is chopped up sausage with curry wurst sauce, a honey sauce, and crispy onions. It was sweet, yet savory and SO filling! The man also slipped in a few delicious pieces of dark bread.

DSCN4186.JPG By that time it was only like, 19:00 but I was so tired from my bus ride that I went and turned in.

The start of day two, after eating breakfast at the hostel, I just walked around the middle of Frankfurt and explored. Luckily it was not as cold out and not rainy so I could just walk.

Alte Opera


Eschenheimer Tower
Stock market

While I was walking by the stock market, I caught site of a market so I made my way through and found a stand that sold fresh apple strudel. I was in Germany so I knew I HAD to get some. With a crumbly, buttery top and nice cinnamon apples, I was so happy.


After my satisfying snack, I made my way to the Goethe house. It was the home of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe who was a German writer. I thought it would have been cool to walk through such an old house, but when I saw that I had to pay to do it, I was out. Call me uncultured, but I don’t care enough about Goethe to pay to walk through his home.

For lunch, I got to meet up with a friend I made on me trip to Madrid. It was really nice to be able to catch up. He took me to an Indian restaurant called Indian Chilli. It was actually my first time having Indian food! for 7.50 I got the chicken dish that came with a LOAD of curry chicken and rice. It also came with warm delicious naan. It was SO delicious and cheap. It was the perfect way to warm up.

Sorry for the low quality picture, my food was steaming and it blurred up my camera

After a lovely lunch, I made my way to the Main (pronounced mahn) river and took a lovely stroll! It was foggy but I still enjoyed it.




Then I started making my way to the thing I was most excited for, The Christmas market! I’ve heard that Germany has the BEST Christmas markets… except when I got there THEY HAD ALREADY SHUT DOWN!! I was SO SO upset. Luckily they still had the giant Christmas tree up so I could at least show the illusion that I went to one. I still explored the old town area that the market was supposed to be in, it was lovely.



After a bit of a disappointing afternoon, I went back to Ziel street and found out I could go to the top of the Galeria Kaufhof and soak in some amazing views. There was definitely a huge crowed in the store and once I made my way to the top it was worth it. The view was beautiful and to top it off there was a restaurant at the top. I got some schnitzel with a mushroom sauce and fries and it was incredible. For only 9.50 I got the ultimate German comfort food. It was a nice end to the trip


Schnitzel with a view

Overall, I thought Frankfurt was a really subpar city. What I did like was the mixture of old and modern buildings. I would not recommend coming to Frankfurt on a trip of it’s own. If you do have a long layover in the airport, I think it would be worth it to walk around.

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