Medieval markets and Christmas Galleries

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I, yet again, had a very Christmas weekend. I love Christmas so much because not only do I get to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but just the joy in the air felt by so many people is so incredible.

On Saturday, me and a couple of friends got a a train for Provins, France (yes, again!) For those who didn’t read my last entry about Provins, it is a medieval town about an hour and a half from Paris by train. The reason we came to Provins again was for the medieval Christmas market. I have already been to a couple Christmas markets this month, but this one was unique and made for a fun day trip!


It was a really foggy day so walking around the cobblestone road with the fog and the booming castle and cathedral barely visible due to the fog, made for a really cool atmosphere. I really would have loved to go and photograph more things since the fog made everything look so cool, but it was so bloody cold that we wanted to check out the Christmas market and go inside somewhere!




Growing up, my family always loved going to Renaissance fairs and this had the same feel of that but just add some Christmas. This definitely had a one up given it took place in an actual medieval town… and it was free to get in. There were booths selling things such as armor, fancy costumes, and weapons. Of course you’ll also see your booths with typical Christmas market finds.



As for food, my friends and I saw people walking around with plates full of delicious medieval themed plates of sausages, vegetables, and rice and we were so cold and hungry that we HAD to get a plate to share. We waited about 30 minutes in line just to find out that they were out of it. We had to get something though because we waited 30 dang minutes in the cold. We settled on a big slice of bread with an assortment of meats and cheeses on top. While it was delicious, it wasn’t the most body warming snack and it also wasn’t the easiest to share. People were most definitely staring at the three girls passing a piece of bread back and forth. Next time we’ll just stick with separate crepes.

Shout out to my one euro fifty Primark gloves!

After we were satisfied with our exploring and numb from our heads to our toes, we decided it was best we hop back on the warm train back to Paris. Once there, it was time for more food and the three of us were really craving Chinese. Luck was on our side because there was an all you can eat Chinese buffet almost right next to the train station! The restaurant is called Yummy Asian Food and dinner was 16.50 euros per person (students get free drinks) but there was SO much food. It was honestly not the best Chinese food of my life but it was still pretty good! After 2 plates, dessert, and a little self loathing we made our way to the Champs Elysee to check out the Christmas lights to end our cold, but lovely day.




A day later, some friends and I made our way to the Galeries Lafayette for some more Christmas happiness. The Galeries Lafayette is a bunch of fancy shopping stores, but what they are known for is their fantastic Christmas displays every year so after church, we thought we would go take a look. Even though the crowed were crazy, it was worth it. The building is huge and a giant white Christmas tree boomed to the top. It was absolutely lovely.



The roof of the building is sometimes open for people to go on and get a view of Paris. a night time view of a beautiful city with the Eiffel Tour lit up was a great way to end an exciting weekend!


My hat is on sideways, I am garbage


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