Happy fun times in Lille, France


I live for day trips because I still get a little bit of traveling under my belt, but I am also not breaking the bank to do so. I’ve been taking day trips and weekend trips forever now because I love them so much and we can’t just always take all of the time off from work. I am so happy I got to add Lille to my list of day trips. Besides a few (crazy) complications, it was a really nice relaxing day.

So we had a big group of people traveling to Lille on the bus but most of the group arrived at Lille and took the train to Belgium, but Anik and myself decided to stay and explore Lille. Getting to Lille was no picnic. The bus station our bus was leaving from was so hidden we were wondering aimlessly for like 30 minutes trying to find it and we missed the dang bus. We ran into someone else from the group and we saw there was another charter bus leaving 10 minutes later than the one we were supposed to take. Lucky for us, the bus was really empty, so they let us hop on.

When we got off the bus, we split up with the Bruges group and headed into the city. Neither of us had anything specific we really wanted to see so it made for a nice and relaxing day.


Our first stop of the day was the Eglise Saint-Maurice. A lovely gothic cathedral, free to enter and take a look. It was definitely more beautiful on the outside. A lot of these European cathedrals look kind of similar on the inside (still beautiful of course) I’ve really been enjoying these churches though because they are hard to come across in the states.



After that, we went and enjoyed the shopping. I know that sounds weird given the fact that I’m living by Paris which is the fashion capital of the world and what not but I really enjoyed the shopping here. There were good clothing stores, little shopping malls, and antique flea markets. I just wanted to buy all of the Christmas presents.



What’s a little trip without some helpless wondering and meandering?




I’m not going to lie, we were only in Lille for one day… but we went to the Christmas market 3 times. It wasn’t as big as the one on Champs Elysees but it was small and cute. On Christmas market take one, we bought some hot apple cider and wandered the booths and got some ideas for Christmas gifts.

I wasn’t looking at the camera and a photobombing friend came into the photo, and yet this picture turned out the best



After take one, we were tired of the crowed and we went back for take 2 and had some raclette, which is where the heat up a cheese wheel and scrape the bubbling hot liquid cheese off onto your food. For our case it was on potatoes. It will so bloody good I have such a true love of cheese and this just built my love. I’m definitely getting raclette again, but maybe on a baguette or something next time.


After being outside in northern France for like 5 hours in the winter, we decided it was time to go inside and warm up. We settled on a little cozy cafe called, Tous les jours dimanche. We ordered some vanilla herbal tea to share and we each got a slice of cake, I ate a lot today don’t judge me. Both tasted SO amazing and it was the perfect way to warm up and relax and chat for like an hour. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a cozy place to relax.

The carrot cake was as big as my head


Christmas market take 3. I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS OKAY! This was the time Christmas gifts were actually purchased and we got to enjoy the market being lit up at night, when it is the best.




We had a little bit of time left to get some dinner so we went to an American 50s style diner called HD diner. I got an avacado burger with home made fries and it was all delicious and tasted like a burger you would get in America. The milkshakes looked delicious but I had a giant carrot cake only 2 hours previously so I stood strong and denied.


After waiting for an hour for our VERY late bus (why couldn’t it have been late in the morning??!!!) We headed home after a long, beautiful, relaxing, and yummy day. Thanks Lille!!

I love taking pictures with the snapchat city filters, they’re like free souvenirs!


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