Getting my Christmas on at Champs Elysees


I know I’m making a post and it’s not Sunday but I’m doing so many Christmas things that if I only posted on Sundays, I would still be posting about Christmas in February. So I went to my first Christmas market a couple of weeks ago. Christmas markets are big street markets with Christmas decorations, food, and gifts everywhere. We don’t have these in America and I’ve always wanted to go to one and my first one was the GIANT one on the famous Champs Elysees!!


As soon as we got to the market, everything was Christmas af. It was still light outside so the lights weren’t on but there were Christmas trees everywhere, lights strung, and Christmas statues. It was basically a winter wonderland without the snow.



There is a lot of amazing shopping as well. I wanted to stop and get gifts for my family at every booth. The main problem is that everything is SO expensive. The fact that I have to spend a ton of money to send a big box back to the states doesn’t help as well.




The best part about Christmas markets? The food!! This particular Christmas market is so big and they have a lot of food. A lot of it is kinda the same though. It was so hard to pick what I wanted. Anik and I both settled on some churros (or chi chis in French!)


So Anik and I were dumb and each ordered our own set of churros and we were surprised to see how much came in one. The first two were DELICIOUS but they were so incredibly sweet but they were 5 bucks so I wasn’t about to toss them (also because of the fact that throwing out food is bad for the environment!) I literally thought I was going to die of sweetness overload. I also will have to run across the country of France to work off the calories. Lesson learned: either get on churro, don’t cover them in chocolate, or just share with your friend!!

Anik and I decided to splurge and pay 5 Euros to go on the “scary” Christmas ride. By scary, I mean we screamed more than the kids. It was a fun way to end our time at the Christmas market.





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