What I ate in Madrid

Oh. My. GOODNESS. I ate some seriously good food while I was in Madrid. Like, I would seriously go back to Madrid to just eat the food. Also, after being in Paris for two months, the food was so friggin CHEAP!! I was on cloud nine and I got a serious case of vacation belly. I’m trash and don’t remember the name of every restaurant I went to, but I tried all of the Spanish cuisine that I wanted to try and you can get most of this almost anywhere. These are not all of my meals, just the highlights.


So as you all probably know by now… I am the worlds biggest cheapskate. Most of the breakfasts I had in Madrid ( besides one necessary trip to Dunkin donuts, called Dunkin coffee in Madrid, because I missed it so much) were the breakfasts at my hostel. It did cost 4 euros to eat breakfast but it was worth it. All you can eat buffets with toast, cereal, fruit, spanish omelette, and pastries!

I had the Spanish omelette every day, its an omelette with potatoes and one of the famous meals of Spain. It was so good and you could get it everywhere.

I may or may not have packed a lunch with the breakfast, whoopsie
I’m so mad… this was taken on the last day of my trip and it was the first time I realized my camera had a food setting
I’ve missed you my darling


  1. Bocadilla de Calamare


A bocadilla de calamare is fried squid on a baguette. This is not typically something I would order at a restaurant, but it is one of the most famous meals of Spain so when in Rome. I went to the restaurant El Brilliante  who are famous for these sandwiches and I was surprised at how much I liked it! I spent 7 euro 50 and the sandwich was very filling.

2) Paella


This was one of the famous Spanish dishes I was most excited to try. For those of you who don’t know what paella is, it is a rice dish that has different kinds of meats and spices. The seafood is the most famous and known paella, but I got the carne paella which had chicken and rabbit. It was SO DELICIOUS! Probably my favorite meal in Madrid. We went to a restaurant called Casa Eduardo, right by Mercado San Miguel. This giant serving was only 11 euros!

3) Bocadilla de jamon


Jamon (ham) is a word I heard A LOT in Madrid.It is cooked a special way in Spain and is so delicious. You could literally buy a cone of ham and eat it, but another popular option is jamon bocadilla. I did get a ham sandwich but not on a baguette. I sprung for a whole grain role because I am the definition of health ( not really). But yeah, the jamon in Madrid was so delicious and so cheap. I got this one at a little to go shop called Primero de San Miguel for about 2 euro 50.


  1. Happy hour cheapy pizza


While this wasn’t exactly a highlight because of its impeccable taste, it was because of it’s price. All over Madrid there is a little pizza shop called Papizza that has Happy hour from 17:00 to 19:00. A slice of pizza for a dollar? Yes ma’am. Tbh it wasn’t even half bad for what I paid for it.

2) Huevos Rotos


huevos rotos (broken eggs) was another famous Spanish dish that I wanted to try. It’s basically a fried egg on top of potatoes. It typically also has some kind of meat like jamon or chorizo(spicy sausage) but I got this on a Monday and I do meatless Mondays. I loved this meal though because when you cut into the eggs, the yolk runs all over the potatoes and kill me now it was so good. We went to a restaurant called Ginger which was really good and surprisingly cheap for such a fancy looking restaurant.

Roasted chicken and fries


I know this doesn’t exactly scream traditional Spanish meal, but man I really wanted some chicken. I don’t remember the name of this restaurant but it was really nice and close to the mercado San Miguel.


THE FUN PART!! Ya’ll I have a real sweet tooth so don’t judge me for all of the desserts I got

  1. Coffee flavored meringue
Purchased at San Miguel Mercado, Thanks Gili!!

2) Churros con chocolate


My favorite thing I had to eat in Spain omg. Freshly baked churros and a cup of thick, creamy hot chocolate to dip them in. For a group of 5 people, we got this giant serving of churros and our own mug of chocolate for only 4 euros each! We went to the famous Chocoleteria San Gines, it’s open 24/7 and I 100% recommend it.

3) Desserts to share at the rooftop bar in Puerta del Sol


We decided that instead of paying 9 euros each for dessert, we would just get 3 and share. This was genius because we only had to pay like 3 euros each and we got to try multiple desserts! We got a cheesecake with strawberry ice cream, apple tart with vanilla ice cream, and a 2 cream with strawberries dessert. It was all delicious and fun to share! This bar is at the top of the corte ingles in Puerta del sol.

3) Pepito de crema


The last thing I did in Madrid was pick up a pastry at the famous La mallorquina. There was so many different options and it was so hard to choose but I ended up getting this! I kinda wish I got something else though. It was good, especially the sugary dough, but the creme was a little too yolky for me :/


Spain is famous for their tapas, which are basically small dishes… kinda like appetizers. They had so many different kinds of tapas and I fell in love. Ps i don’t remember the restaurants for like any of these

  1. Caliente jamon y queso




A warm baguette with heated ham and cheese on the top. I was in heaven.

2) Croquettes


These are basically fried rolls of food, such as chicken, seafood, or spinach and so yummy. I got these at the Mercado San Miguel… I now realize I went there a lot.

3) Patatas de bravas


Another one of my favorite things I ate in Spain. Potatoes covered in a special sauce called bravas. It also has some garlic ailioli! So so tasty!

SO, those are all of my highlights of my food in Spain. I really recommend all of these traditional Spanish dishes and since they are all traditional, you get get them like anywhere. I also recommend doing the spanish menu del dia (menu of the day). You’ll get two courses, a drink, and a dessert for like 12 euros! Also, if they set bread in front of you without you having ordered it, DON’T EAT IT! They will charge you. Speaking of eating, writing this has made me hecka hungry so I’m going to go grub but here I will leave you with a little more food porn from my trip.











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