That one time I was in prison in Paris


Paris is a place that has all the history and museums. The best part is the fact that I am here on a student visa means a get into them all for free. For those of you who know me know that I am a sucker for all things free so I am so pumped that I’m here on a student visa.

So, anyways, myself and a friend went to the Conciergerie. The conciergerie was a prison during the French revolution where the prisoners were kept before their execution. When we first entered the building we were in a huge foyer and we really had no idea which way we were supposed to go.


Finally we came across a spiral staircase and thought we were finally getting somewhere….. it led to one room and then we were back to the foyer. Make sure you actually read the map of you come visit the conciergerie.


We had to go all the way to the back of the giant room until we found the place we were actually supposed to go. We saw dungeons and little cells of the poor folk who couldn’t afford anything bigger.

This is not even the smallest one

The most notable prisoner? Marie Antoinette. This building was the last place she resided before her execution. It was really cool to stand where she literally once stood…. also a little creepy knowing she was beheaded right after.

One of her holding cells… that mannequin totally freaked me out

After this point I ran out of room on my SD card on my camera so yet again, I had to resort to the crappy camera on my phone.

This was the actual place she was held, her husband asked to turn it into a nice memoir
I bet some hefty confessions were told in here
The chapel
The cell of Marie


My review: I actually thought this was really cool once we found our way around. The walk through was also pretty short and sweet which is great because of my low attention span. However, if I was on a short trip to Paris and I had to pay to get in, I would probably skip it.

It was a great day, especially because I had Chipotle for lunch


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