Nuit blanche


OCTOBER 1ST!! A day where, if I was back in the states, I would start watching Halloween movies and would have my costume decided by now. Here in Paris, Halloween isn’t really a thing so I decided to save the movies for another day and get my culture on. Nuit blanche is an event held every year in Paris on October 1st. It is an event where museums are open all night and have free entry. I went with my friend Anik and here is how our night went.

We started off by going to get something to eat, because food is my life. We went to a little outside restaurant called Chez Josephine. It was a little pricey but any sit down restaurant is going to be that way. We both got the Jospehine burger which came with fries and it was DELICIOUS!

dscn3227 14445211_10210438112291739_5215737577072787669_o

Even though the burger was huge and I was stuffed, dessert was a necessity so we found a crepe stand and I FINALLY had a french crepe! I’ve been waiting forever to try one and I got an apple cinnamon one and the wait was WORTH it!

14494818_10210437615879329_2305677281030658438_n  After all of the delicious food we made our way to Nuit Blanche. We started at the Hotel De Ville entrance and as soon as we got there we could start seeing art displays.

Arriving at the event


As soon as we got into the 1st areas ( there were different areas with art set up throughout the city) I could tell that a lot of the things were going to be hard to see so a lot of it we basically skipped.

It was hard seeing a lot of the displays past the crowd.
There was SO many people!

Just walking though the town at night was really exciting because we both really haven’t seen much of Paris lit up.

It lit



So as part of Nuit blanche, most of the museums in the city are open all night long but for one, I was confused at the map they gave us with locations of all of the museums and 2, I can get in free any time with my student visa so I can go whenever I want without the crazy “we wanna go cause it’s free!” lines. We did, however, go to the Saint chapel but more on that later.






For the most part, we just walked along the walk and checked out the different art along the way. It was really cool to see all of the different things that they had displayed.




shout out to this girl who wouldn’t get out of my way for this dang picture!
There were free concerts all over the place too

The last thing we did was make our way to the Eiffel tower and bask in it’s lit beauty… that sounded so cheesy I am so sorry. So, totally recommend going to nuit blanche if you happen to be in Paris on October 1st. It’s exciting to have a night of culture in the city. Just be prepared for a LOT of walking, big crowds, and long lines!





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