A Day at Disneyland Paris


First of all I have to apologize in advance… most of these pictures were taken on my phone because I’m an idiot and dropped my camera at the beginning of the day( which is a bloggers worst nightmare). Don’t you worry your pretty little head though, it’s fixed.

When I got a text a couple days ago from one of my new au pair friends telling me that Disneyland was having a special deal where you pay only 59 euros and you get into 2 parks for the day, I didn’t even question whether I wanted to go with them. Back in Anaheim, it’s like 90 bucks to get into one park! I was super excited to be five for a day again!


We started our day off at Walt Disney Studios since it’s the smaller park and it has more rides for us older folk. For those of you who have been to Disneyland California, it’s basically the equivalent to California Adventures park but a little smaller.


There were a lot of cute statues and stuff that we took the time to take pictures with. One thing that I recommend looking around in is the main building at Walt Disney Studios. It has a lot of cute little shops and restaurants. It’s not cheap though… I bought my disneyland Paris magnet and went on my way.

The main building at Disney Studios
The inside of the building, I felt like I was back in Cali!
Kansas representing in Paris!!

We also explored a little bit through the Toy Story playland (mainly because we were getting to a ride there but that’s beside the point) IT WAS SO CUTE!! It has all of the toy story toys and characters as really big statues and giant toys everywhere.


We decided to go on the studio tour first which was a big mistake. As someone who is a big fan of studio tours and has been to like 3 already, this one was so disappointing. It literally showed sets from two movies and then the tour was over. They were also two movies that nobody even cared about! So please, if you are at Disney studios in Paris, please do not waste your time with the studio tour.

The last picture I took with my camera 😦

After the disappointing studio tour we decided we needed some thrill so we went to go ride the Hollywood tour of terror. I rode this when I was like 8 years old and HATED it but I decided since I was 22 I would give it another shot. I AM SO GLAD I DID! It is such a clever ride. It’s terrifying and fun at the same time.


The ride really made me want to watch the movie again

After that we rode the RC racer in Toy story playland. It was an hour long wait for a ride that lasted a minute most but it was fun and thrilling so I liked it!

I didn’t get a picture of this ride but it’s the orange one!

That was it for Disneyland studios. I wish I could have gotten to do more but I had something to do that evening so I wanted time for actual Disneyland. Shout out to the group I was with for being super supportive of my time limit! But yeah all in all I enjoyed disney studios (except for the studio tour) I definitely recommend coming here first because it’s smaller so you can get it out of the way and it closes earlier than Disneyland!



I actually didn’t get a super huge amount of time at Disneyland Paris but it was all good because I still got to explore and feel a little bit of the magic! I was super bummed because two of the rides I wanted to ride were closed (thunder mountain and Indiana Jones). After exploring I actually didn’t get time to ride any of the rides but I still had a great time! It’s definitely a lot smaller and not as great as the ones in California but it’s definitely worth your time. The only bummer about this one was that there weren’t as many characters walking around like the one in California. But yeah if you have some extra time in Paris, come to Disneyland!



My lovely Disneyland Adventurers


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